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Who creates and enforces safety standards?

All standards are created by CSA. CCOHS functions as the primary national agency in Canada for the advancement of safe and healthy workplaces and preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. Additional work in this area is carried out by provincial and territorial labour departments and workers' compensation boards.

To avoid improper safety evaluations and biases, all Edge Eyewear glasses are independently tested through SEI for the CSA Standards. Surprisingly, many safety eyewear manufacturers choose not to test their products, while others perform their evaluations in-house. These practices present a serious conflict of interest. The integrity of testing and reporting can be compromised, resulting in non-compliant and unsafe eyewear. Edge Eyewear’s frequent third party testing guarantees compliance with CSA Z94.3-07 standards.

Before purchasing any safety eyewear, we advise you to ask for proof. Companies that are serious about safety will have third party test results readily available. Any brand that cannot or will not provide these test reports should not be trusted. Take a look at our Compliance Tests and our Optical Tests to learn more.

This serious responsibility requires rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the highest national standards. Every pair of Edge glasses is subjected to the toughest tests – because tough tests create tough glasses. When it comes to something as valuable as eyesight, we wouldn’t manufacture anything less than the best.