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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™

    Flame-resistant clothing protects workers against fire and burn hazards.  Fabric treated with Proban® will, if ignited, self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed.

    Proban® / FR-7A® 100% cotton fabrics by Westex® are guaranteed to retain their flame resistance to 25 industrial or 50 home launderings.  FR-7A® fabrics are offered as an economical alternative for garments not expected to wear beyond the certification point.

* Proban® clothing is ideal in industries where there is a potential for flash fires or electric ARC explosions.

* To be effective, flame resistant clothing must be worn as the outer layer of clothing.

* Proban® must be laundered without bleach to maintain its self-extinguishing topical additive.

* Flammability: After Flame, Seconds MAX = 2.0

                       Char Length, Inches MAX = 5.0

* Available in a wide range of clothing options.

* Note: Flame resistant clothing is not intended for long-term or high heat exposures.

Proban® FR/7A