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Torch Testing

At approximately 600° F., the leading FR fabrics burn, begin to shrink while charring, then crack and decompose.  This is all in about 10 seconds.  Under flammability testing, the FR fabrics will ignite and they often have problems passing the shrinkage test.  Under the same conditions, CarbonX® is not affected in any way.  It even disburses the heat energy and will take about 60 seconds before the heat will start penetrating the next layer of fabric.  CarbonX® will not ignite or burn even when exposed to temperatures exceeding 2600° F. for over 120 seconds.  As for material shrinkage, it does not exist with CarbonX®.

CarbonX® Testing


Time Elapsed: 90 Sec

CarbonX® FR Performance

    To better understand the differences between CarbonX® and competitive products, one must first understand the technical functions and objectives relating to these products. The basic concept and definition of a high performance FR fabric is usually considered a manmade fiber with a continuous operating temperature ranging between 375° to 600° F.  The fibers are classified as having favourable characteristics in at least one of the following performance properties: operating temperature, the limit of heat transfer, tensile strength when exposed to high temperature, chemical resistance and LOI (Limit of Oxygen Index).  Most of the FR fabrics currently used perform in one, sometimes two of these areas;

CarbonX® performs extremely well with all of these performance properties and more.

    When exposed to intense heat, CarbonX® fibers expand to remove virtually all of the oxygen from the fabric.  

As a result, CarbonX® fabric never ignites or burns – even when exposed to 2,600° F temperatures for up to 120 seconds.

CarbonX® fibers under normal conditions CarbonX® fibers expand when exposed to heat conditions.



Time Elapsed: 90 Sec  


Time Elapsed: 90 Sec  


Time Elapsed: 90 Sec