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FR Cooling Shirt

SFI 3.3 Rated 2Cool FR (Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve)

Product Description

This Fire Rated 2Cool Water Shirt is the top of the line COOLSHIRT available on the market today.

The Shirt Features:

• SFI 3.3 Certified Flame-Retardant Cooling Undershirt

• Versatile Midweight Layer

• Modacrylic / Rayon Blend

• Superior Moisture-Wicking

• Ag47 Anti-Microbial Protection

• Won’t Shrink, Pick or Fade

• Extra Length

• Clean Seams

• Machine Wash, Machine Dry

Sizes: S-2XL

CS - 1025-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1025-XSR

Short Sleeve

CS - 1024-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1024-XSR

Long Sleeve