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Cotton Blends

    Fabric blends are one which is made up of two or more different types of fibers twisted or spun together.  Blending adds to the quality of the final product.


   It becomes more durable.

   It becomes softer and luxurious.

   It becomes more resistant to wrinkles.

   It becomes more comfortable to wear.

   It does not shrink.

   It becomes stronger to withstand wear and multiple washings.


* Polyester/Cotton - The tough crease-resistance of polyester combines with the cool comfort of cotton.  It is easily laundered, dries quickly and is ironed with lower temperatures than pure cotton.

* Wool/Cotton - These two fabrics benefit from the inherent qualities of each other after blending.  It gives better comfort, better aesthetics and better performance.

* Rayon/Cotton - This fabric of rayon/cotton blend wears well and is washable.  It is soft and has a fuzzy surface.  Dresses, suits, sportswear, men's shirts, women’s shirts, etc. are made out of this fabric.