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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™
Cooling Shirt & Vest

White Cool Water Shirt / White Cool Water Shirt Hooded

All shirts have patented non-kink tubing for consistent and continual cooling. No special care is necessary with COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS garments. Machine wash. Hang dry.

Sizes: XS-3XL

Active Aqua Vest / Active Aqua Vest Hooded

* Cooling garment helps stabilize body temperature.

* Easy to use and remove for fast rehabilitation.

* Vest design provides quick access for checking vital signs.

Sizes: XS-3XL

CS - 1011-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1011-XSR

CS - 1053-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1053-XSR

CS - 1052-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1052-XSR

CS - 1013-(size)(side)

Example: CS - 1013-XSR