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Cooling Sensor & Blanket

Cooling Therapy Blanket - General purpose cooling blanket.


Available sizes in 60×24 in. and 18×24 in.

Product Description:

Weight 2 lbs

Dimensions 4 x 6 x 2 in

Size 60″x 24, 18″x 24″

The Safetemp™ personal monitoring sensor utilizes patent-pending technology that estimates core body temperature from the temporal artery region, the area from your temple to just above your eyebrow. This technique is both accurate and comfortable, and allows the user to self-monitor his or her personal status for first signs of dangerous overheating.

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is dedicated to the prevention of heat- associated illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which are often related to intense physical activity. Heat stroke can be a crippling condition, causing irreversible brain damage or even death in extreme cases. Anyone who is subject to high ambient temperatures while exerting themselves is at risk for heat illness, but those participating in high-intensity physical activity often ignore the signs of heat illness and further over-exert. The Safetemp™ personal monitoring sensor utilizes multiple patent-pending technologies that estimate core body temperature from two locations: the carotid artery just below the ear, and the temporal artery region across the temple to just above the eyebrow.

This technique is accurate, comfortable, non-invasive, and allows the user multiple areas to self-monitor their personal status for first signs of dangerous overheating. This technology utilizes an industry standard correlation formula that gives an estimated core temperature much like the temporal scanners you find in your local pharmacy.

Illness caused by heat and exertion is avoidable with the right education and technology, the use of the Safetemp™ personal monitoring sensor in conjunction with proper education about the dangers of extreme heat, and the importance of hydration could potentially help the user avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke during intense activity.