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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™
CarbonX® Work wear

Bib overalls:

2 front and 2 rear pockets,

1 divided chest pocket and a ruler pocket.

Adjustable shoulder straps.


30" long, 1 inside chest pocket, snap front.


4 pocket with zipper fly, belt loops and snap at waist.


5 pocket style, zipper front, long sleeve.

CarbonX work wear is made from 11 oz. Abrasion Resistant Black 2 X 2 Twill Weave

cloth. The fabric has a TPP Rating of 16.0. All styles are available in sizes S through 5XL.

JACKET: CPA-600-CX11-(size)

PANT: CPA-606-CX11-(waist x inseam)

BIB OVERALL: CPA-618-CX11-(waist x inseam)

COVERALL: CPA-605-CX11-(size)