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Fire & ARC Neck Wear


Fire is a hazard faced by workers in many fields. Unexpected fires, heat exposure and explosions are a hazar­dous possibility for many working sectors, including firefighting, chemical plants, the construction industry, fac­tories, mines, and the oil and gas industry. These hazards can also occur in other workplaces where the average worker is unaware of the possibilities of having to deal with an explosion in the workplace. In accordance with each activity and risk, we offer a wide range of certified products that provide the highest levels of protection.


An electric arc flash is a sudden, high-speed electrical discharge produced from a fault or short-circuit that generates a considerable amount of light and heat energy, with temperatures reaching nearly 4x higher than the surface of the sun. A report published by ISHN (Industrial Safety and Hygiene News) estimates that, on average, 30,000 arc flash incidents occur every year, resulting in an average of 7,000 burn injuries, 2,000 hospitals admissions, and 400 deaths per year.

The use of BUFF® fire-resistant head and neck accessories helps to prevent many of the consequences of occu­pational accidents, reducing burns to the body, as well as the unexpected cost of medical and legal services.