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Arc Flash Kits

    Wearing an arc flash suit is more than a legal requirement – don’t you think that individuals that have become injured in an arc flash would gladly have worn the protective suit if they knew what they know now? They would probably suggest getting a proper arc flash kit and not taking risks just out of convenience. No matter how small the probability of accident is in your job, please don’t be negligent with your health and wait to learn from your own mistakes.

Arc Flash PPE Kits, Arc Flash Suits

    Arc-flash kits and arc flash suits are sets of arc flash personal protective equipment that provide flash fire and electric arc-flash protection from head to toe. A typical arc-flash suit includes arc flash rated clothing, electrical insulated gloves, and safety head wear. We offer a variety of arc-flash kit options to meet your arc-flash program's safety and budget requirements. Our kits include different combinations of arc flash pants, arc flash coveralls, bib overalls, arc flash jackets & coats - combined for overall body protection; hard hats with face visors, and over hoods with flame resistant face shields that can be worn over hard hats - for head and face protection; and safety gloves for hand protection.  Arc flash suits and kits that we provide meet NFPA 70E / ASTM F 1506 standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

    Lineman PPE kits feature various combinations of rubber insulating gloves, face and head protection, and full body protection - and range in calorie ratings from 8 cal/cm2 to 74 cal/cm2.  Arc flash protective gear sets can cover the needs of most electricians that need a kit for protection from arc flashes. Each arc flash kit comes with a convenient bag that keeps all of its components together.

    We offer easy customization of arc-flash kits with options including selection of arc flash clothing sizes, electrical gloves sizes, rubber insulating glove colours and more. If you cannot find an arc flash suit that fits your particular needs, please call us and we will be glad to assist you with combining all the necessary components that you require.

    Clothing for electricians helps protect the wearer from severe arc flash burns that might be possible in case of an accident. All our kits are made with self-extinguishing materials that minimized burns and injuries. Watch out for applications that involve dealing with flammable chemicals as most materials may absorb chemicals and become flammable - ask us about our solutions for dealing with such applications.

We suggest always wearing appropriate Arc Flash PPE when working with electricity, but hope that you will never actually encounter an accident.

Good luck on the job!

ARC Flash Kits