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Aluminized Tiger Cloth
Carbon / Kevlar® blend

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar®

* The Aluminized Tiger Cloth is one of the industry’s best quality fabrics for high heat areas.

* Aluminized Tiger Cloth is a combination of carbon and aramid fibers.  It is also known as Pre oxidized Korspun® I satin or Aluminized Carbon/Kevlar® blends.  It has a good resistance to molten splash, exceptional abrasion resistance and hot-spot diffusion.


* Expansion joint sleeves, tadpole covers, thermal blankets, High temperature clothing, welder’s clothing, tarps and high heat blankets.

Test Method
Flame Resistance
After Flame (max.)
ASTM D6413
2.0 seconds
2.0 seconds
Char Length (max.)
ASTM D6413
0.5 inches
1.3 cm.
Radiant Reflectivity (min.)
30 seconds
30 seconds