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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™
CarbonX® Aluminized Fleece

CarbonX® Aluminized Fleece is lightweight, yet offers


    The new CarbonX® aluminized fleece enhances both protection and comfort for individuals working in molten-metal and high-heat environments.  Our aluminized fleece is flexible and lightweight at 12 oz./2 yd, yet still provides maximum temperature resistance, extraordinary protection against molten metal splash, and superior comfort.  

    Constructed using advanced patented technology, the base fabric is a fleeced knit comprised of a proprietary blend of high-performance fibers.  It is coated with multiple layers of aluminium, protective films, and heat-stable adhesives so if one layer of aluminium breaks down, another layer is there to protect against radiant heat.

     This multi-layer structure improves abrasion resistance and helps ensure the fabric remains highly reflective even after repeated use and proper care and cleaning.  Upon contact with certain molten substances, the aluminized coating will melt away; however, the CarbonX® base fabric will continue to protect and provide a persistent barrier.  Our aluminized fleece is one of the lightest materials on the market able to pass the ASTM F955 pour test for both molten iron and aluminium.  It has remarkable abilities to shed spatter, sparks, and other hot liquids and molten metal and to withstand extremely high temperatures.  Inherently flame resistant, our aluminized fleece delivers: Unmatched protection: The base fabric will not burn, melt, or ignite, and significantly outperforms competitive fabrics when subjected to extreme heat and molten metal splash.  Even after intense exposure, the fabric maintains its strength and integrity and continues to protect.  It also limits heat transfer much more effectively than other aluminized products of similar weight.

     Comfortable protection:  The base fabric maintains its flexibility even after it is aluminized and is soft-to-the-touch, enhancing the wearer’s comfort and productivity.

     Permanent protection:  because our aluminized fleece is inherently flame resistant, its thermal protective properties will not wear away.  

Proper care and cleaning will extend the life of garments made from our aluminized fleece.  

Apparel that is torn or damaged should be removed from service.

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