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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™
Aluminized Proximity Suits

    The insulated fire proximity suits with aluminized ZETEX fabric outer shell and double vapour barrier are used in industries where protection from high heat sources, including steam, hot liquids and or vapours, is required.

     Some of the environments where this aluminized suit would be useful are refineries, petrochemical plants, foundries and casting plants, basic steel and aluminum industries, glass and ceramic plants, and laboratories.

     The proximity suits are useful for work in high heat areas such kiln or oven maintenance and repair.  Each suit includes a hood, coat, pants, boots and mitts.


* Full shoulder length drape.

* Adjustable underarm straps.

* Built-in shell for structural support.

* Hard cap with ratchet adjustment.

* Speedy clip for hard cap support.

* 6" x 91 x 4" gold window and aluminum retainer.

* Two side wing locks for holding lens and retainer in place.


* Available with or without breathing apparatus accommodation.  

* Double storm fly front.  

* Flame seal with drawstring at coat bottom.


* High waist design.

* 2-inch wide adjustable suspenders.

* Adjustment straps on leg bottoms.


* Designed to fit over work shoes.

* Leather insulated soles.

* Adjustment tightening straps.

* ZETEX PLUS® binding.


* ZETEX PLUS® palm and thumb mittens with aluminized back and cuff.

Optional: Regular Back or Extended Back for SCUBA.

* Sizes: S - 2XL.